At last I saw the light and decided to make a Flynn Rider costume for my little boy this year! He loves Tangled & requested to be Flynn.

For his costume, I already had most of the basic elements on hand – namely, the white shirt, khaki pants, brown belt & a teal vest (totally lucked out on this one!). I’m not exactly talented in the sewing department, so fabric glue & duct tape worked its magic perfectly!

FUN PART: In order to make the existing vest look like Flynn’s in the movie, I first covered the whole vest with matching teal duct tape to echo the “leather” look. Then I added the embellishments – brass studs lining the shoulders & brass clasps. I also made & attached the sleeves, which are thin cardboard semicircles covered in duct tape.

My total cost for this costume was under $30, with the boots & leather hip pouch being the only things that I actually purchased.

So, ladies & gentlemen, without further adieu… here comes the smolder!