My husband and I have always coordinated our costumes and when we had our daughter we knew we had to keep the tradition going. This is our 10th Halloween together so we wanted to do something special: I hand made our costumes! I’m not much of A seamstress so I had no idea what I was doing.

For or my husbands Flynn Ryder I found most of his at the thrift store, but I had to adapt the sleeves so they looked like Flynn- it took me all of 10 mins so I thought the rest would go that smoothly…

Boy was i wrong! For my Rapunzel dress I was looking for tutorials and all I could find was ones for children- well they ended up working because I’m only 4’10” haha! I remember being at the cut counter in Joanns trying to calculate my skirt length and the sweet lady looked at me and said “honey- you probably need the same as that 8 year old!” What I didn’t account for was my chest- I’m still nursing so I have a little extra. I had to make the pattern for my top while wearing it looking into a mirror. It was difficult and probably not the way a professional would, but I just followed my instincts and it worked out great.

For my daughters Pasquel it was the absolute best experience and it was all done in a day! Oh, did I mention I started these on Monday and needed them ready Friday morning? Hers was made completely out of felt that I already had. My favorite part was making her hat- stuffing the eyes with pillow stuffing really brought the entire costume to life! I also stuffed her tummy to give her roundness and it was awesome! I used one of her dresses as a pattern and it came out great!

So far, no one believes that i made these costumes in less than 4 days but I did! My daughters getting the best reactions because of her hat and the hands I made her. My other favorite piece is her tail- it’s just felt that I stuffed and rolled and sewed into place. I’m so excited for next year I’m already brain storming. Hand making our family costumes is going to be our new tradition!