Legit Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Costume

This costume is so legit! I have always loved the character Lara Croft and always thought that it would be so cool to become her in my own sexy way! My name is Laura which made this even cooler! It was very simple, I used my regular basic ribbed tank, and found an old pair of cuffed black shorts. The only things that I had to actually buy were the set of leg holsters for $12. Then it was all about completing the look!

I wore an old pair of combat boots, tall white socks, got a sweet looking pair of aviator sunglasses, and of course I wore a pair of air soft pistols in the holsters. While in the contest judging I also carried a small camouflage messenger bag to really tell the story of my character, and the lady Croft adventures! I ended up winning $200 in a contest with this costume!

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