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Last Minute Toddler DIY Magician Costume

I found out, with one day’s notice, that my daughter’s daycare was having a Halloween party a few days before Halloween. Since her actual costume was not yet finished, I came up with this super cute last minute DIY magician costume.

I opened my “tickle truck” (aka – the box where I keep all my old Halloween costumes and accessories) and found the magicians hat and bowtie (both which can be purchased at dollar stores/costume shops for very little).

I went to my daughter’s dresser and found black pants, a white t-shirt, and a black cardigan. I covered a chopstick with black duct tape to act as her magic wand and drew a mustache with black eyeliner.

And there she was, the cutest little magician ever!  (It also helps that she always carries around a little stuffed bunny, and went around saying “abra cadabra” all day!)

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