This was for a movie costume party. But it goes well for Halloween since it is verry scarry! I also did a sign saying “Why so serious”. There is no pictures of my entire body, but I was wearing sexy shorts and heals, so the costume can also be sexy and you can look gorg! Just remember to bring the red lipstick with you! And, if you want to take the costume really serious, you can also paint your hair green, it will look more real … but I think for girls the natural hair looks better! It is all about the makeup, so take some time doing your white face and working on the scar mouth, with lipstick or even face scar from Halloween stores!

All you need:

  • green shirt
  • grey or purple blazer / jacket
  • grey or purple tie
  • red lipstick
  • white powder for your face
  • 15 minutes

ta-daaa… you are ready and scary!!!