Last-Minute Dark Knight Joker Costume

I made this last-minute Dark Knight Joker costume for my brother a couple years back. Slacks and dress shoes, with a niceish long sleeve button up with the sleeves rolled up. We found a purple tie in dad’s closet. The vest was a bit tricky. We ended up grabbing a bright green tshirt no one ever wore (the color is atrocious, can you blame us?), flipped it inside out, made a few quick cuts to get it to the right shape and used a Sharpie to draw in seams and buttons.

I did his hair and make up using a $4 Halloween make up kit. Mixed green paint with some hair gel to get that crazy spikeish look the Joker is often seen with. Covered his whole face in white, used a bit of black around the eyes and red for that classic Joker grin.

I loved this costume cause we were able to put it together and get him out the door in less than an hour, basically with stuff we just had laying around the house, but it’s still a look that everyone recognizes.