My daughter is La Muerte from The Book of Life.  There was no “La Muerte” costume on the market so I had to create this costume from scratch – it is 100% made by me.

Materials used: dress pattern (made by me); skirt hem structure is a hula hoop (I bustled the front of the dress for trick or treating about 2 inches and she floated through our neighborhood, she was quick! Over 200 yellow marigolds from dollar store on dress and hat; 100+ candles on dress/hat are dental suction tips from my husband’s dental practice (hey, the looked like candles and they were free) – the flame trips are just card stock red, yellow and orange; makeup by me (this was my 2nd attempt (she let me practice once – happy it came out) the hat is a cheap straw sombrero covered with felt, marigolds, candles (suction tips), a pink feather, fern leaves, skulls (calaveras) which are on the hat and dress are made out of yellow and white foam craft paper (I created a template and used black sharpie to draw on the faces).

Finished the costume by adding a marigold choker; marigold bracelets and marigold clips for hair. Making this costume was a labor of love! At one point, I asked myself, “What were you thinking trying to make this costume?” When I turned my daughter to the mirror in full makeup/costume her reaction was priceless! All of those nights gluing on flowers and candles and sewing were so worth it! I would do it again.

This costume was not for me to get praise. It was first and foremost for my only child, my daughter. By the reactions of our friends, family and strangers on the streets while trick or treating her costume was a complete success! The highlight of the evening for my daughter was, “Mom, that house said I could take as many candies as I wanted because my costume was the best they have ever seen.” How many did she take? 4.

My daughter was in character all night. She loved it! Entering this contest (for me) was an after thought, but it was something I did work very hard to complete down to the last detail.