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Justin Verlander Baseball Costume with Kate Upton

In the news there has been talk of so many celebrities having their personal photos hacked and posted to the internet. Justin Verlander (pitcher for the Detroit Tigers) and Kate Upton (model) are dating and fell victim to these online hacks. A photo was released online of them taking a selfie in a bathroom mirror with their behinds showing. So that’s where I got the idea.

I already had the Verlander Jersey and I bought the fake butt online. You slip the butt on like a pair of shorts so I cut out a hole in the baseball pants so you could see it. I then bought the doll, put the wig on it and put Kate’s face on it!

I had a lot of great reactions to it, which inspired me to google, “Halloween contest online” and that’s how I ended up here! I was out in the city of Grand Rapids wearing it and I had so many people come up to me and ask for pictures and tell me it’s the best costume they’ve seen.

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