Interactive Nuclear Robot Family

My two year loves to walk around acting like a robot, so when it came time to pick costumes my son thought it would be fun to dressup as a whole robot family.

I started with double sided foil insulation. They sell it by the roll at the hardware store. It comes pretty thick as its double sided, so I seperated the layers into to two rolls. It went on to the boxes with heavy duty double sided tape, and double stick tape.

For the computer parts, my son and  I dismantled an old tower. We made sure to include interactive pieces like switches, and disc drives. Then we hot glued them to the outside of the foil insulation. Each costume also had a sound activated led screen that lit up. I found the led equalizers online and attached them by cutting slits into the box and threading the wires to the insides of the boxes. These really took the costumes to the next level. My dress was made mostly of scrap foil pieces, I attached my led screen to the inside and cut the nuclear symbol out.

My son had an oversized astronaut jumpsuit that made the perfect dual costume.

The day of Halloween the skys opened up in Portland and we had the heaviest rain of the year. With the streets flooded we were only able to go do indoor trick-or-treating. Thankfully there were a couple of local schools that offered indoor activities. Every where we went people went wild for the costumes. We had people coming up and taking pictures of us, yelling onto the led screens. I even had a few people tell me that I had won, which gave me the idea to enter some contests. Best of all my kids had a blast making and wearing the costumes!