Who doesn’t have fond memories of playing with the little green army men during childhood? Or the not so fond memories of stepping on them?

Nothing feels like waiting until 8 p.m. on the night before Halloween to decide on a costume.  By now, all the stores have been picked clean so we were relying on internet inspiration to save the day and it didn’t let us down, we would make our own army man costume!

It was a mad dash to Home Depot for spray paint and PVC for our bazooka.  Let me just say that the recommended amounts of spray paint needed are for average sized people, not for those that are 6’5″ playing dress-up.  Three trips to two different Home Depots (since we cleaned out the first location of all meadow green paint in stock) and 12 cans finally did the trick.  The dollar store was great for cheap toy weapon accessories and when all the toy helmets failed miserably to cover a big head, who knew that a mixing bowl could save the day!

We pulled our “toy soldier” together with less than 24 hours to spare, literally still spray painting an hour before heading off to a Halloween Party.  Needless to say, we might have all been a little loopy from the fumes but we still had a great time and our “little” green army man was a big hit at the party!  Literally, so many people wanted pics that more time was spent on posing than in moving!  I recommended him to remove the bowl (acting as the helmet) from his head, throw a dollar in it and start using his popularity to make tips to cover the cost of all the spray paint!