Who doesn’t love a costume ripped from the headlines? Slightly inappropriate and definitely too soon, this hurricane Sandy and a weather channel reporter couple Halloween costume was simple to make with things we found in our closet, front yard, and the clearance section at Hobby Lobby.

For Hurricane Sandy, I glued, taped, and pinned debris and fabric all over my body. I also taped a picture of the eye of the storm to my shirt. I rummaged through the lost and found section at a local pool and recreation center for all the snorkeling gear. My favorite part of the whole process was teasing my hair to uncontrollable heights. The messier the better! You can’t mess this part up enough. I made sure to give myself a name tag to clarify any debate over whether or not I was, in fact, dressing up as the hurricane all over the news.

For the reporter, I turned an umbrella inside out and made a microphone from foil. I printed out Weather Channel insignia for the mic and name tag  Best part of the whole night? Spraying people with water as the Weather Reporter warned of a 100% chance of rain.