Hot! Hot Air Balloon Costume

This Hot Air Balloon was the best costume ever!!! I got to wear this costume to a block party where there were a ton of people in costumes and I defiantly stuck out in the crowd. I got stopped so many times for pictures and saying how great the costume was. It also helped that my husband was a great sport and a beautiful sky backdrop. The one down fall was that it was difficult at times to get in door ways and I whacked a few (a lot!) of people in the face.

I made the bottom part of the costume from a round laundry basket (dollar tree) and hot glued fabric and beads to dress it up and make it pretty ;). [Tip: I would tie the straps which I used the fabric trim I had, first and then glue the fabric.]

I use wood dowel rods and flex PVC pipe for the top and fastened it with duct tape. Painted it with white spray paint, and hot glued decorations. Get a lot of balloons because some of them will pop, and just tie them on.  I tried to blow mine up similar sizes.

We had so much fun!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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