We ended up moving this year around Halloween. So, needless to say it was kind of hectic. When packing to move, you use what you have on hand. So, my costume came to life with duct tape, packing paper and bubble wrap. I ended up making a set of horns by putting a plastic bag on my daughter’s head and forming duct tape around her head. She really didn’t like it when I accidentally stuck her hair to the tape.

I then shaped the horns using packing paper and duct tape and attached them to the duct tape cap. I created a strap with Velcro attachments to go under her chin to keep it on her head. The gown part was made out of an old graduation gown that I just cut decoratively on the sleeves and bottom. Her Nana made us a black sash to make the gown more fitting.

The staff was made from a tree limb covered in duct tape.  I put some bubble wrap and a blinky bracelet inside a small glass globe and attached it to the stick with more duct tape. We had a little issue with our first staff creation. The first globe got broke when the staff fell on the floor. It was a good thing we had three other globes. Once I got the second globe re-taped, we attached a fake crow to the top with hot glue for Maleficent’s pet servant. I would hardly let anyone hold the staff after breaking the first one.

Everywhere we went, people told her she was awesome looking. They told her “I know you’re not supposed to be beautiful, but the costume is just too gorgeous”. It was a great night. My daughter definitely enjoyed her costume. Better than having to be the same thing two years in a row.