Homemade Joker and Two Face Costums

My friend and I by far had the best costumes of the night.  When my friend chose to be the Joker, it wasn’t long before I thought of being the infamous 2 Face.  Not only did over a hundred people ask to take pictures with us, we were literally celebrities.  Girls would scream and flinch when we walked in the room because we were that scary. Our night consisted of going to a bunch of frat parties and impressing everyone with this costume.

If you’re looking for a fun costume this is the coolest idea yet.

The Joker:

  • Green Hairspray
  • White, black, red makeup
  • vest
  • button down
  • slick hair back

2 Face:

  • Latex burn marks
  • black, white, red makeup
  • red hairspray
  • hair gel
  • paint half of face
  • buy cheap suit from salvation army and cut half of it up to make it look like it got burned
  • s[ray red hairspray over cuts to make it look more official
  • carry a coin with you