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Cool DIY Hot Dog Vendor Halloween Costume

This was a real homemade Halloween costume. You will need: one box, depending on the size of subject, red material, white spray paint, ketchup and mustard bottles, hotdogs and buns (two each), hot glue, newspaper and black markers, coffee filters (2) and duck tape string.

I started off with a box and enclosed it completely with duck tape then spray painted it all white. It took two coats. Then I poked two holes in the back and tied knots on one end and poked the holes on back of box. This is what I used to hold the costume to the child and tied this around the waist. I hot glued the ketchup and mustard bottles on one side of the box and then glued the hotdog to the bun and then hot glued the bun on coffee filter then the filter to the box.

I made a hat out of newspaper and spray painted it white and added thin pieces of duck tape around edges to help shape it for the head. I wrote hot dogs 50 cents on front of the box .I took my red material and cut out a little apron for her to wear and then made a little bow tie for her neck.

This was such an easy and cheap homemade Halloween costume.

Total Spent: $9

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