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Homemade Box of Nerds Couple Halloween Costume

For Halloween my best friend and I decided that we would make our own costume! We were not sure what to make at all!! This would be the first time that we would make it ourselves.  I searched online but all I could find were sites selling already made costumes until I found this page! I got the idea for this box of nerds couple Halloween costume from here and decided to make our own version!! This was a very fun experience and especially because no one else had the same costume as us!! We were the center of attention!!

Find a Box : All we basically did was buy 2-equally sized boxes at Walmart, but any same sized boxes that you already have can do the job! We didn’t cut anything off the box at all nor did we put it together to form a box!

Glue/Tape: My friend works at an office depot and since it was Halloween day we rushed over and had some nerd images printed out huge! You can always draw it out and paint/spray paint/or anyway you want! We decided to go the easy/fast way!! We personalized the back with our names and other items. We used ribbon to hold the box up and used them as if they were suspenders!

Accessorize: We each bought witch stockings that were pink with black and the another was purple with black stripped! Used fluffy pink and purple house shoes that looked like nerds for shoes!! Long sleved shirts with a shirt over (pink and purple) we used opposite colors on us so we wouldnt have the same color as the box! We didn’t need glasses because we already wear them!! Just a little nerdy accessory you can add!! Our hair was pulled up and messy just like “nerd ” have them  and we passed out small nerd boxes since it was Halloween and it’s all about the CANDY!!

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