Homemade Batman Villain Two-Face and Poison Ivy Couple Costume

It took me a couple times but I finally like my Batman Villain Two-Face and Poison Ivy Couple Costume that I came up with! I used a lingerie dress that I had when Victoria Secret had their big sale, leaves from Dollar store, fishnet tights (that I dyed green) and socks (that Ii dyed green). I covered my dress with leaves (used hot glue gun) and for my socks I cut the bottoms off to make them kind of like leg warmers then put leaves on the top of the socks so they stuck out of my boots. I spray painted my hair red with the paint you can get at Halloween stores and also put leaves on clips and put a couple thru out my hair.

For his costume we had to buy the costume but he did his makeup with red cream paint, latex that he made his scars (get from Halloween store), put black lipstick on half his lips and then used brown cream paint and dabbed it over red ,latex, and lips to give it a burn effect.