Hilarious 2 Broke Girls Couples Costume

For our annual Halloween party, my husband and I decided to dress in a “couples’ costume. We love the show 2 Broke Girls so I began researching. I found the actual costume online for myself but finding one to fit an extra large man was more of a challenge. I did find a plus size woman’s costume and took the chance–luckily it fit him.

I purchased a blonde wig and searched for a similar necklace as the one Caroline wears. I fuobnd one on ebay. For my husband, we purchased a wig and i put a lot of black eyeliner and deep red lipstick on him. He really did look hilarious.

We had a blast at the party and everyone thought he was hilarious. So many people told us that they would never be able to watch that show again without thinking about my “Max”.

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