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Hello Kitty Wheelchair Costume

Kinley is 3 years old and uses a wheelchair and we wanted to make her a cool costume that she could have fun in. We were inspired to do this project after seeing other amazing wheelchair costumes from fellow special needs families and seeing how it just lights these kids up. She picked a Hello Kitty costume at Target and we decided to make her wheelchair a Hello Kitty car.

This was our first ever wheelchair costume, so we asked Kinley’s very creative and crafty grandma for some help. She came to our house with lots of cardboard and poster board and we started cutting, painting, and gluing.

The supplies we used included cardboard (lots of it), poster board, red, pink and white spray paint, hot glue gun, zip ties, crayons, coloring pages, scissors, and box cutter.

Grandma shaped the cardboard pieces into the car shape and glued them all together. We had to measure to make it to fit over Kinley’s wheelchair but still allow her to wheel.

We finished it with many details, including red bows for the mirrors, door handles, tail lights, and spokes. We colored pages from a Hello Kitty coloring book and glued them to the car doors. The finishing touch was a license plate that read “Rollin.” The car was attached to the wheelchair using dow rods and zip ties. Anyone could do that.

Kinley was born with Spina Bifida, the most common permanently disabling birth defect in the U.S. She is so determined and she has proven to us that Spina Bifida does not define who she is so we want the world to see that too. She is a happy, loving, ornery, smart, and active little girl. And for trick-or-treat night, her wheelchair was no longer the point of focus for those who saw her, now it was a very cute and creative Hello Kitty car costume! The smile on her face and sparkle in her eye are what it’s all about.

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