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The Headless Man Optical Illusion Costume

I found a few pictures online of the headless costume and wanted to do it. I had to figure out how cause I couldn’t find any clear instructions.

I found a cheap trench coat at a thrift store and stuffed the top of the coat and the arms with plastic bags. I then used a big plastic bucket and cut the bottom off to put my head into it.

I glued the gloves to the plastic bucket and sewed the gloves to the arm openings to make it look like the arms were holding the head up.

Then I put my head in the bucket and buttoned the coat down the rest of the way.

All day I had people freaked out and wondering how I did it. I went trick or treating with my kids like this too and freaked people out all night. I won a contest at work with this awesome and easy costume.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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