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Great Couple Costume – A Couple of Trophies

My hunny and I decided on being trophies this year!! Oh boy!  It was fun :).  I am a 2015 World series champion and April was a 2015 US open champion.   So we went thrift shopping picking out clothes that matched our theme. We also found old clothes laying around the house.  I painted all the clothes with Krylon maxx gold metallic spray paint – layer after layer it came alive.  We learned during the process that the cotton cloth absorbs all of paint.

We did our bodies with Graftobian body paint.  Gold of course.  Mixed the liquid and powder and then sponged it on (be mindful of how much you use, it goes a long way).  Our stands were made of milk crates and cardboard plaques.

We then went off to our first Halloween family party… the trophy couple costume was a hit!  We posed as trophies during the party as well as in the photo booth.  We ended up winning the evenings costume contest, of course we were totally thrilled!  Many of the adults were very intrigued on how we made it look so real.  The kids were either scared or mesmerized by our costume.

We of course posted pictures all over Facebook.  The response was awesome!  Friends and family are still talking about it.  We also have a Facebook group we are part of and have received over 1000 likes.

So a couple things to remember when making your trophy costumes:

  • The clothes will get smaller and tighter when painted with spray paint.
  • When moving around in the clothes you will also notice spots that were missed especially near the teams as the material stretches to your body.
  • Try to avoid soft cotton materials if possible (it will take a lot of paint to fully cover).

Overall it was so much fun making our first DIY trophy couple costumes together.  I am hooked and already planning next years costume.

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