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Grandpa Carl and Flying House from UP Couple Costume

We are Anna and Kevin, from Spain, and this is our UP’s Pixar movie costume. I’m wearing the flying house costume and my boyfriend is dressed like grandpa Carl. We wanted to go in a comfortable costume but that was still original and fun, and the most important, easy and cheap to do.

His costume is really easy, brown suite, white wig and glasses, mine, it’s simple but more laborious. The house is made of felt, cutting the shapes and just sewing them to a big blue t-shirt. I have to clarify that my head isn’t hidden under the balloons, it isn’t a mask that doesn’t let me see, it’s just a cap with small balloons fixed with pins, but in this photo I’m looking down so my face is hidden.

It was really fun to wear this costume, a lot of people wanted to take photos of us.

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