This Harvey Dent Two Face costume was obviously inspired by The Dark Knight. I kept the outfit pretty simple, just black pants, black blazer, white shirt and a tie.

The makeup was time consuming. There’s two ways of doing this. You can apply the makeup straight to your face, straight to your bare skin, but I wanted to avoid getting latex and a bunch of pain layered on my skin. So this is what I did. I bought a simple Jabbawackez mask, cut it in half and began applying the makeup there. To make the face look realistic, I applied cotton (with glue stick) to give the mask texture, I then painted the cotton red, then throughout areas on the mask, I went over with different colors, including blue, white and black to give my face more definition. I cut the eye part on the mask to give it a more bigger, circular shape, then I painted black around my eyes. I secured the half mask with bobby pins, as well as the wig I bought. To save myself time, for the teeth, I just bought a sticker thing they sold at Walmart. However, if time is not an issue for you, you can cut white acrylic nails to make them look like teeth, go over them with a little bit of yellow paint, and apply them on your face.
Now, for the pretty side of my face, I did simple makeup, wanting to emphasize my eyes and lips, I have black winged eyeliner, and bold red lipstick on. That’s it!

Oh, funny thing I have to mention. I walked into the bathroom with this beautiful face of mine, waited for a girl in the stall to come out, covered the normal side of my face with hair and walked up to her. I scared the “crap” out of her. Get it?