Coolest Homemade Genie Costume Idea

We would like to present to you MARY as “Genie in a Bottle”. Look carefully because at the “Blink of an Eye” Mary can magically disappear! Mary is wearing her Pink Genie costume that she loves with her matching genie shoes. We hand crafted her bottle using spray on foam and for the base we used items we had around the house such as a big ball for the bottom and chicken wire to form the neck of the bottle.

Once we sprayed the foam onto our base we let it dry really well for a few ours then it popped right off the ball. Now comes the real work, using sanding sponges we sanded and smooth the foam to form our genie bottle and then we hand painted it and accented it with glitter.

We added over the shoulder, straps which we anchored to the costume with buttons which we painted to match the bottle.

The final detail was the “POOF” sign on our Genie costume. A cloud form was simply cut out of poster board then sprayed with the same foam, sanded and hand painted.

Total Spent: $60

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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