Coolest Genie Costume

My daughter wanted to be a genie last year and we always try and make our own costumes so we don’t look like everyone else. We went to the fabric store and looked at the clearance fabric and bought a McCalls pattern and modified it a little.

The head piece of the Genie costume is a headband covered in pink satin that we used for her costume and the veil is the same fabric used on the overlay of the costume. We hot glued that on after we did the pink then I used Velcro on the opposite sides of the headpiece so the veil could cover her face. She had the head band on and then we used self adhesive Velcro so this way we knew how to position it.

The pattern top was a belly top but she wanted to be covered so I made the top a little longer than what the pattern called for and then I took more of the tule that was used in her veil and overlay and sewed it to the bottom of the top because it was still a little to short for her.

When it was all done my daughter was the happiest genie.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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