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Coolest Homemade Gargoyle Costume Idea

This is how I made my Gargoyle costume. I started by shaving my entire body; head legs chest etc. It was not much fun and I have a lot more appreciation for what a lot of women go through! Then I applied a base coat of liquid latex. You can buy this at any Halloween store. After it dried I scuffed it up a bit to give it a rougher look. Then I applied silver, white and black body paint.

Next I put on a pair of tightly-whiteys followed by a loin cloth I tied together out of scrap cloth. I previously spray-painted it. Then I applied the face pieces horns etc. I bought those at a Halloween store locally. They apply with spirit gum and go on and off fairly easily. Then I applied more liquid latex to my face to even out the fake skin followed by more face paint. Then I used white glue to stick on real moss. Lastly I duct taped the wings to my neck and painted it to look like the rest of my body. The wings were a real challenge to attach since I was essentially naked. I did not want them to look obviously attached so I finally arrived at the idea of just taping them to my neck. It was a bit uncomfortable but I padded them a bit and it worked out just fine. No one could tell without looking really close how they were attached.

The actual wings were made from copper wire covered in duct tape and spray painted. I also bought a set of gloves and feet which I used to finish off the whole Gargoyle costume. Oh yeah and a set of “wild eye” contacts and fangs. I am really happy with how the costume turned out. Two warnings though: It took a long long time to put on and even longer to get off. It is also a pretty cool costume–by that I mean cold. As you can tell from one of the pictures I was freezing. I am in the Army stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado and the weather on Halloween was far from ideal for a costume like this. Still it was a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoy it.

Total Spent: $350

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