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Coolest Child Gargoyle Costume

I’ve always been fascinated with Quasimodo’s concrete friends from the top of French cathedrals. This year, as I join the trick or treat 2011, my parents and I decided to give the gargoyle costume a try. I was too pressured with my costume this year. Being the overall champion for 8 years now and with all my neighbors always waiting for something new, I really have to give them a good show. I have to give them something different. And so, my mom did this Homemade Child Gargoyle Costume.

First, my mom glued (with egg white) in my face some crumpled tissue paper. We have to make my nose longer and my chin longer, too. After it dried, they applied poster paint in my face and body. Poster paint was silver. Extra finishing touches for the horn and the wings were also done. The horn was made from a used cardboard, actually the inner rim of the tissue paper. The wings were made of used fabric and wire. I was a finalist with this costume.

Homemade Child Gargoyle Costume

Homemade Child Gargoyle Costume

Homemade Child Gargoyle Costume

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