I made her hat and bag (which I sadly didn’t get a photo of) from cheap off cuts of fleece and my boyfriend’s mums sewing machine, and a couple of wire coat hangers. There are heaps of easy tutorials on the internet that can show you how to do it.
I was lucky to already have cake the cat and a blue skivvy. All I had to to do was cut the sleeves so they were the right length.
The skirt came from the op shop. But this would have been just as easy to sew, as it’s a basic tube.
We used an old plastic sword that we found and spray painted it pink. Luckily my boyfriends’ mum also love spray painting pots in her garden so she had this. The socks were also a couple of dollars off ebay.

Marshall Lee
The clothing was easy, as it’s just staple wardrobe pieces. Really easy to find in your local op shop.
We made his axe bass from pieces of MDF wood cut with a circular saw and spray painted red. The detail was added using screws, a permanent marker and string. I painted his face using cheap body paint from ebay and black hairspray (he is a blonde) I coloured in his eyebrows with mascara and added bite marks on his neck using nailpolish. The body paint stayed on all night as I covered it with a layer of normal hairspray.

We wore these costumes to our friends’ Halloween party and everyone loved them. They couldn’t tell that we had made everything ourselves. We also saw an ice king there who had made his costume out of just a blue flannel robe and the crown/nose/beard combo from coloured cardboard. He probably spent less than us! I wish a got a photo with him !!!! I think all up we spent collectively under $15