Evil Madame Zoltar Costume

For the past four years we’ve been participating in our community Halloween costume contest. We always try to pick a costume that no one else has done and try to make it stand out as much as possible. An old creepy Madame Zoltar seemed the best way to go. We looked at pictures online and came up with a pretty solid design. After buying the materials, it took us two weeks to realize, that we made a mistake somewhere in the design. It was looking more like Lucy’s psychiatry booth than a vintage fortune teller booth. Back to square one, online research, saw a couple of designs I did like but the fun of actually building it, just wasn’t there. The way I use Facebook, I only go on there when I’m feeling extremely annoyed with something going wrong in my life. It’s an escape for me to go where all my friends and family put up even more annoying post and pictures than I can handle. It makes whatever I’m dealing with in my life, feel like a walk in the park. One picture my cousin did post though, ( A Hiking Photo) really inspired me to come up with an awesome new design.

With my cousin’s hiking photo now being my new inspiration, I was frantically looking for an external frame hiking backpack. I needed that frame and everywhere I looked, these things are crazy expensive. Called my cousin to borrow one and he replied “Yeah no problem bro, you can have one of them, for sure.” Awesome thanks, cuz. After getting the frame, We bought a strong wardrobe moving box from U-Haul for it’s durability. One that can stand all the cutting, hot gluing, drilling and painting we were about to do on it. We placed a flat and thin square piece of wood inside where her back is going to be. We drilled holes for the zip ties to go through and secure it tightly to the frame. Then we bolted another piece of wood from the outside to the wood on the inside. Sandwiching the real box in between both the woods. The most expensive items we bought was the purple velvet fabric and the dangling tassels from Jo-Anns Fabric. We had leftover molding which were painted black and gold and Jay did an awesome marble looking paint job around the entire box. We bought gold poster board and used a stencil, to airbrush the design. Everything has been both hot glued and drilled with small screws, The vintage coin insert and Madame Zoltar sign, I found online and photoshop it. We added battery operated lights and a color changing orb for the final look. The whole community really gets involved at these social events.The Madame Zoltar Costume was a huge success. I’m talking red carpet, celebrity catwalk, paparazzi, and reporters wanting the latest details of  a recent scandal. The costume got much attention is what I’m trying to say. Especially with Covina’s Council Member Walter Allen III, saying it was the best one of the night. Everyone’s compliments, it goes to show that all of our hard work paid off.

We’ve been making costumes for our daughter for four years to participate in the costume contest. The thing about the contest is that you’re there all night and it leaves little to no time for trick or treaty or hanging out with friends. She’s in the 5th grade this year and next year she will be a jr. high school student. It’s sad to say but this was our last and final year doing the contest. My daughter wants to enjoy Halloween next year hanging out with her girlfriends. I hate to say it but my daughter’s growing up and the time we spent together making these costumes, I’m going to treasure forever. She might be done with the contest but there’s always a chance for us to create some more awesome costumes together.