Electrical Tape Maleficent Costume

This is my daughter Laila as Maleficent. I was very happy to find out my 5 year old gave me a fun and not horribly popular costume choice this year. I had to google a lot of images to really figure out how to put this one together.

The body was pretty easy, I used a couple capes left over from previous years (one child size, one mid-length adult size to get the floor length look). I also used another cape around her waist to create the floor length ‘dress’ look. Underneath was a bodysuit from a dance recital. Lace was also used for her hands, with holes cut for some of the fingers. Purple nail polish topped off her fingernails. I tried to use the white face cream makeup at first to make her pale like Angelina Jolie in the movie, but it didn’t look right so I ended up using a shimmery white eyeshadow over her face, which covered my daughter’s olive complexion quite perfectly. Some purple and pink eyeshadow and dark lipstick did the trick for the rest of the evil look.

Her staff was made from a dollar store broom, I unscrewed the bristle part and wrapped the stick with electrical tape (which we also bought from the dollar store). The ball was a little doggy chew toy which was cut in half and also wrapped with electrical tape. The fake bird (another dollar store purchase) was mounted at  the top and the staff was complete! The hardest part was figuring out how to create the horns. I couldn’t figure out what to use to shape it once I decided to use the electrical tape – I thought that would create a pretty cool layered effect, similar to the movie. I ended up using a beanie to cover her long hair and protect her head from the ‘shaper’ I decided to use – aluminum foil. I used a wide head band and some floral wire from Joann Fabrics, wrapped plastic table cloth around the wires after shaping them and then wrapped the electrical tape around the horns. I made sure to leave some leftover wire to secure the horns to the headband, put the headband on her head and covered her entire head with tinfoil.  The next step was to tape the tinfoil.

She loved the final product, she said “mommy I look so evil!” We went to a few Halloween parties and accepted many compliments from strangers walking by, even won one contest as well. One little boy wouldn’t go anywhere near her. I love those reactions, makes me feel like my mission was accomplished and the final product had the effect I was going for. We make our Halloween costumes every year, and besides her Narnia Ice Queen costume from 3 years ago, this one is definitely my favorite!