Easy to Make Gizmo Costume

My friends birthday falls on Halloween, this year it was her 30th which meant the celebrations were going to be bigger than usual. She decided to make her party themed -80’s style. At first I was sceptical, people were talking about leg warmers, neon, shoulder pads, but that’s not my style. I love a personal costume effort and a theme was not going to stop me! I had 3 costume ideas, Beetlejuice, Pacman and Gizmo. I asked all my friends and Gizmo was the most popular choice but I knew it would be the most challenging. I am always one for leaving things to the last minute so the last stitch was being done minutes before getting the taxi to the party and I had a spare needle and thread in my bag as an emergency repair kit!

The costume took 3 days to make. Along with making my boyfriends who had talked me into making his gremlin costume. I didn’t mind I enjoy having projects to do and things to make. I purchased two large blankets, one white and one brown.

The blankets were used to make the face, with the material being stuck on to cardboard. It was also used to make the dress. I bought some coloured card for the eyes mouth and ears (skin tone card, white card and brown card) and black foam sheets for the eyes. It all fell together from there. I stapled Elastic on to the back of the mask, it was quite heavy but held up around my neck for the night easily!

It was such a fun project. Everyone loved it, especially a 5 year old child who said I had a really cool monkey costume on.

There are three rules: 1. no bright light 2. don’t get him wet and 3. never feed him after midnight, no matter how much he begs.

Easy to Make Gizmo Costume

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