I got the idea for this costume because my daughter reminds me of a gremlin. I was influenced by this little white fuzzy winter hat that she wore.

For material I used two yards of white faux fur and one yard of tan faux fur. I traced her body on a piece of brown paper and used that as a stencil. I traced the stencil onto the white fur giving me a front and a back. I then sewed it together. It was sort of designed like a baby onesie with a zipper in the front and a fur flap with Velcro that hid the zipper.

For the ears I used foam floor mats cut to shape then molded with a heat gun. I then airbrushed the ears and parts of the fur with acrylic paint.

This worked great. She gave me a hard time at first putting it on but afterwards she was walking around and she loved it. This was a great costume. I hope this helps someone who is looking to make a similar costume.