Easy Last-Minute Homemade Bat Girl Costume for a Little Girl

The items I used for this Bat girl costume was a yard in a half of black stretchy pleather, glue gun , sewing machine glitter foam sheet to make the bat symbols , stretchy sequence to use For the belt, snap button for the belt, black thread.

My princess came to me and said, mom I want to be Batman. I said Batman??? Ok so I looked online and said wow, $30. I can make this and that’s what I exactly did. I went to the local fabric store, picked up the supplies needed and spent around $15. I used one of my daughter’s summer dresses to trace the way I wanted the top part to fit her and just flared it out to a perfect length. I have to say for my first Batgirl costume I love it and she was so happy with it you can tell in her face!!! Now my niece wants me to make her one exactly like hers!!