When thinking of what my four year old could be for halloween, he at the time loved mickey mouse club house and particulary goofy! He then picked up the name goof troupe (troupe being his last name) so challenge accepted. I then studied a few clipart images and started inspiration from there. I did have a hard time thinking of how I was going to make those feet, when it then hit me clown shoes (which seems like a obvious solution now) but anyway so I started there and then copied the rest of goofys attire. I first bought a white beanie hat and tried to dye it but the material did not take the dye so I had tolast minute run into about 3 stores to find a hat that would work which finally the one I found had a big emblem on it but I had to work with it. I turned it inside out so then it looked more like a patch and sewn some black felt floppy ears and finished the outfit off with white gloves. We even practiced goofys laugh which he had down pretty good and added a nice laugh. It also paired nicely with his little brother a mickey. The reaction was priceless. Everyone loved it and thought it was clever. The ones that knew my son said it was perfect because my sons personality is very silly. Hes a fun loving little boy who puts a smile on anyones face. It was a very happy halloween.