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Cool DIY Skunk Costume and Lot’s of Easy Halloween Costumes

I searched the Web for easy Halloween costumes and found this idea. It was my son’s 1st Halloween & I made him a simple and quick SKUNK costume. I got the idea from his nickname from his big brother “Little Stinker”. This is one of those easy Halloween costumes that would work for any age and can be adapted to different animals.

I started by making a trip to the local Wal-Mart for supplies. I purchased a hoodie in black ($3), matching sweat pants ($3), white fur ($3), black fur($3). I also used a thread and needle for simple sewing and black eyeliner for the nose. I spent an afternoon putting together the costume.

The steps are as follows:

I just tacked the fur on so I could use the hoodie and pants afterwards. The warmth of the material really helped on the cold Halloween night.

1. Cut belly piece from paper as template. I did this by laying the hoodie (zipped) on a table and measuring the area for the stomach.

2. After the template is made, cut the belly from WHITE fur.

3. Fold white fur belly in half and cut down middle.

4. Sew fur side up to each side of center of hoodie. After sewing on, you can fluff the fur so the zipper does not show.

5. Measure for the tail and head. You will probably have to piece the fur to make one solid line from head down back of hoodie. Don’t worry about seam lines, after sewing, you can fluff to hide.

6. Cut tail and head piece of white fur. This is an animal so things don’t have to be perfect. I just kept the fur as straight down the back as possible.

7. Sew the white fur down center of head and back.

8. To make ears: Use small piece of black fur (size would depend on the size of the child.) Cut 4 triangles in black fur a bit larger than the needed size.

9. Place 2 triangles back to back and fur side out. Sew together to form ears, leaving opening at bottom.

10. Stuff the ears with extra fur or cotton balls. This is to allow them to stand up.

11. Flip bottom of ears to sew to top of head. (The ears were the hardest part for me!)

12. To make tail cute white fur in desired length. You will need 2 pieces of fur for the tail.

13. After cutting out the tail, sew together, fur side out leaving the bottom open for stuffing.

14. Now stuff the tail with desired material. I used grocery bags so the tail would be stiff and raise upward. I also attached a piece of dental floss through the tail and to the back so the tail would curl upward.

15. As for shoes, he only wore black socks, because he was not walking. I would have chosen black shoes otherwise.

16. Draw a simple black nose and whiskers on the face.

17. Ta-DA! You have a stinker ready for some treats!

We got tons of compliments on this simple suit and I have worked very hard on my other easy Halloween costumes to keep up with the reputation we earned with this suit! Hope your little stinker enjoys!

This is one of those easy Halloween costumes that can also be made on a “shoe-string-budget” if need be. Just substitute the fur with white fabric of any kind and use a black hoodie and pants that the child already has!

Total Spent: $12.00

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