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Easy Grape Costume for the Little Ones

Cute fun and the whole family can join in.

Just grab some balloons and you have yourself an easy and unique costume!

1. First grab some old clothing, you can go to a local donation store and buy some clothing, preferably green or purple according to the color grapes. Make sure that you or your kids are dressed for the occasion example: Summer:Leggings, short shirt… Winter:Sweater, pants and maybe some mitts :)

2. Next buy some balloons, you can choose what color you want the grapes to be. Green and if they don’t have any purple balloons just buy black!

3. Blow up the balloons! Blow them up fairly big but make sure they aren’t too big or else they might pop which can scare the children.

4. Take the bottom of the balloon. Grab a stapler. Staple the extra part of the balloon onto the clothing. Make sure you are doing this with out the clothing on the child!

5. Finish up and you can add your own details like hats and gloves or boots. You can make 2 of them for twins or best friends!

The best part of this was to get the whole family together and make costumes for Halloween! We all had such a blast and I hope you have fun! Remember, Be unique!

Style your own way!

A fun craft for the whole family!

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