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Coolest Homemade Bunch of Grapes Costumes

Made my twins homemade bunch of grapes costumes for Halloween. Very easy steps to build and they were a huge hit.

I made the purple grapes so I started off with purple shirts and black leggings.

I bought a large bag of purple balloons at the party store, a box of safety pins, and some green felt.

First you must blow up all the balloons, make sure they are different sizes. After all balloons are blown up this is where your crafty skills need to come in. You will need to attach the safety pins to the balloons tie, be careful not to puncture the balloon.

Start at the top of the shirt collar, and in an upside down rainbow motion start to pin them to the shirt. My kids were small so the top layer was 6 balloons the second layer 5, 3rd layer 4, 2nd layer 3, then 2 then 1.

Green felt to make the stem and leaf, cut out a large leaf to attach to the middle of bunch of grapes. I then cut a a small circle and attached to their heads with bobby pins, and your done, you will have a great bunch of grapes!

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