Easiest Scarlet Witch Costume!

So, I watched WandaVision, and I knew I had to be Wanda. Her costume from the Halloween episode is so cute. I couldn’t find a red bodysuit, so I used a burgundy tank and a pair of leggings (which I cut.)

I found a cape at a thrift store, as well as pink tights. I painted my boots red, and made the headpiece out of foam and red paint. Elastic kept it in place.

I wore it to the 2021 Oogie Boogie Bash. So many people called me Wanda, kids yelled hi to me, characters did magic with me. My favorite interaction was with Agatha. She looked me straight in the eye and called me out for everything that happened in the show, and told me my kids were still in her basement.

It was so fun being her, especially when my cape would flow behind me as I walked. Next time, I hope to have a vision.

Easiest Scarlet Witch costume!
Just doing some magic.

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