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Doctor Who, Weeping Angel and Dalek Costumes

For the weeping angel I spray painted a dress and wings using a stone textured paint. I used gray gloves, stockings, shoes, face paint and hair paint. I put her hair into a bun before painting it and gave her fake pointy teeth.

For Doctor Who I just dressed him the way the Doctor dresses, painted his hair to match the doctor and gave him a pair of glasses that I had popped the lenses out of. The dalek is made using a baseball helmet and cardboard that have been glued together and spray painted. Then we glued a long skirt to it and the gold half spheres are spray painted Styrofoam craft balls that have been cut in half.

We also glued a flashlight to the helmet and adhered clear blue plastic over the lens. The arm is a toilet plunger that has been spray painted also.

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