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Everyone Flocks to the Demon on the Block Homemade Costume

Me and my best friend started in August. Needless to say it was a long process! Tedious but totally worth it.

Making the Demon Costume

Making a rough sketch of the proportions for the pivoting wing, we measured or height and we made a scale. Me and my friend built the skeleton for the wings out of dowel rods with bolts and washers to hold them together, a basic pivoting structure. I hand sewed all of the fabric onto the skeleton, swell as the straps and harness for the wings themselves.

As far as the face goes, I used dental mold putty, plaster and clay to make the mold for the prosthetics. I sculpted the protective for the horns, teeth, nose, and wounds out of clay. I then put the dental mold putty on that with plaster around it. Then I used latex in my homemade molds and applied them onto my face. A lot of cotton balls, latex, and various makeup and paint went into all of it.

Demon Costume Reactions

We went to my friends college to walk around and scare people. Needless to say, everyone was spooked by the detail in my costume. People were freaked out but others were coming up asking for pictures and asking lots of questions about my prosthetics. All of the students were blown away by my amazing costume. I felt very accomplished when everyone was getting scared and being in awe at our work.

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