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D.I.Y. McDonald’s Hamburglar Costume

This costume took me 4 days to create for a Halloween event at my job. The only two things that I bought brand new was the prison suit and wig. Everything else I borrowed or already had at home. The cape was created from used graduation gowns I bought from a thrift store. Overall costs was $50 on costume. I got a lot of compliments from my coworkers and friends.

D.I.Y. McDonald’s Hamburglar 🍔 🍟
1. Red Tie – Borrow, buy, or make from construction paper. Add burgers on the tie. 🔴👔
2. Cape – Buy new or make your own. I made mine with two graduation gowns from the thrift store. One black and one yellow. I cut off the sleeves and used fabric glue to glue the yellow gown on top of the black gown. I left the collar of the black on to used a safety pin to keep it on my neck. I added McDonald’s friends on the back of my cape to give it a little more character.
3. Black Hat – Borrow or Buy. 🤠🎩 . Wrap hat around with anything that’s yellow. I used leftover scraps from the yellow graduation gown.
4. Costume Prison Suit – Buy new or wear a stripped shirt and stripped pants.
5. Red Sneakers. 🔴👟
6. Red Gloves – Buy or borrow. 🔴🧤
7. Construction Paper.
8. Fabric glue, safety pins, craft tape.
9. Fries (Construction Paper), McDonald’s symbol, burger printouts, etc.
10. Glasses without lenses to wear Hamburglar’s face. 👓
11. Hamburglar’s face printed out. I printed out his face as big as I could to cover my face. I cut the eyes out of the print out to see through them.
12. Orange wig. – This can be bought at any party store or costume store.

D.I.Y. McDonald's Hamburglar
Costume Accesories


D.I.Y. McDonald's Hamburglar
Cape/Graduation Gowns


D.I.Y. McDonald's Hamburglar
Cape-Added McDonald’s friends and Hamburglar’s phrase “Robble Robble”.

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