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Cute Snail-Mail Couple Costume

This is a great costume for couples or pals who want to take a break from the growing presence of technology based communications and wind back to a simpler time. This is also great for people who pun a lot. Because, why not?

Snail-Mail is moderately easy to make for those with a crafty hand, This is how we did it:

  • We used an old pair of pants in a pretty sage color (though you can get creative and find a cooler color, like yellow, or slime green) to make the snail shell.
  • We cut it in half, length-wise, filled each leg with crumpled newspaper and rolled it up with a gold painted piece of brown paper (thanks Trader Joe’s!).
  • Place clear tape where necessary.
  • We wrapped a fabric belt through the “shell” and voila!

I also made a headband with antennas.

The mailman used a white pith helmet and a USPS logo from a flat rate box glued onto a blue button down. Pretty straightforward.

Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Cute Snail-Mail Couple Costume

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