Cute and Sexy Rooster Costume

I originally saw this Rooster/Chicken costume on a famous craft women’s “Living” website.  It was a child’s homemade costume and I figured I could follow the same directions only larger.  I purchased a white long sleeved leotard,  and a short sleeve white leotard, yellow tights, white Boa feathers ( from an online discount  store) and followed a pattern for the head piece, called a comb (the red part of the head of the rooster), and yellow kitchen gloves , for the feet.

I spent many nights sewing the boa feathers onto the leotard, then I stuffed the inside of the suit with batting until it was very full and round.  I stuffed the fingers of the gloves with cotton and then used them for the feet.

I decided my husband would be a farmer; he carried a basket with eggs in it.   Every year we go to our friend’s annual Halloween party and the costumes are all amazing, one better than the other.  It gets harder and harder as the years go on to be creative.  My husband and I try to go as a couple. I’ve been some kind of feathery bird/animal since.

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