Rylan, my son, is five months old. This being his first Halloween ever, I of course wanted to go above and beyond for our costumes. When I was growing up, our family made every Holiday so magical, fun, and memorable. I’m so happy that I now get to do the same for my son!

My dad passed away five years ago, and he would be so happy to know I’m continuing family traditions this way. So I can up with the idea of my son being a baby koala, and myself as the eucalyptus tree. I love this idea! So do my family and friends.

I purchased Velcro, fabric, fabric glue, leaves, thread, needle, buttons, fluff/fuzz, shirt, pants, and one piece of a kids koala costume. For the koala hat I used Velcro to keep it together, buttons as eyes, fluff for the ears, and around eyes. For the koala pants I used fabric, fabric glue, and some sewing. Then, for the tree, I sewed leaves to make a necklace, bracelets, and a head piece. On the shirt I glued the leaves on. With the pants I cut out fringe, and Velcroed it onto the pants as one piece. This costume, along with this holiday, both mean a lot to my family and I! To make my baby koala appear to be inside a tree, I used my favorite baby carrier. This costume was so much fun.