I am so sick of finding costumes that everyone else does, just the boxed up ones from the store that look so distasteful! This Koala Kouple costume combines both of us into one costume…tastefully!!

I just took a regular long sleeve shirt and cut out different colors of felt and used fabric glue to attach them on the front, back and sleeves. Then for the Koala I just used the same glue and fuzzy fabric cut out to look like a belly on a old grey shirt I had. The gloves had the black claws drawn on them, as well as black on the palms. The shoes are black to go with black Koala feet. I was able to find the hat at Gymboree but added bigger ears with the remaining fabric from the belly.

We got a lot of “awww”‘s at our costume party….it was tiring to be climbing the tree all night, but totally worth it for a cute costume!!