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Coolest Pink Poodle Costume for a Little Girl

My daughter wanted to be pink poodle. It was much easier than I had originally suspected. We started with one pair of pink sweatpants and a pink sweatshirt, one size larger than she wears. I bought 2 yards of pink “fluff” fabric (I can’t remember what the name of the fabric was.) Last but not least, I found a pair of pink stretch pants on clearance at Target. I used the butt of those pants for the head of the costume. Believe me, all of the jokes were told in our house with that.

For each leg, I cut enough of the fluff to go all of the way around the ankles and four inches over the ankle. I hot glued it on and stitched the edges of the fluff together. The same goes for the wrists but only 2 inches. Please use more or less if needed. Use your best judgment.

I cut the waistband off of the sweatshirt before I sewed the fluff onto that. I didn’t use hot glue on that spot. I knew that it would be too messy and take longer than the sewing machine. I took a piece of the fluff and cut it 12”x12” and folded it in half. I cut a half circle in that. That made a perfect circle. I sewed that onto the middle of the sweatshirt.

The ears were ovals glued together. The poof on the top of the “butt” was a ball of the fluff filled with stuffing, sewed together and glued on top of the head. We didn’t have time to finish the tail but it would have been made from one of the legs of the stretch pants with a smaller copy of the poof on the end.

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