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Cute DIY Paw Patrol Marshall Costume

My son Loves Paw Patrol and Marshall. Naturally he wanted to be his favorite character for Halloween. So we made this Paw Patrol Marshall costume.

Making our Homemade Costume

To create this costume I searched my local children’s consignment store. I found a plain red zipper vest and a white long sleeved t-shirt. It was difficult to find white toddler sweatpants so I ended up ordering them from amazon. At the fabric store they sell sticky backed felt squares in many different colors but I really only needed black, white and yellow.

Once home my son and I cut random sized black spots to attach to his white top and pants. And I cut out strips of yellow wide enough to cover the collar of the red vest. We happen to have a fireman’s helmet that we attached long floppy years to, and we added a battery operated paw patrol command button for his badge. (It came off of the command center toy he received for a birthday gift earlier.)

To create his paw pack we used the amazon shipping box that the sweatpants were delivered in, cut 4 semi-circles that were  half the same  circumference as the 1 gallon water bottles we often purchase. Securing them was a bit tricky. But with patience and quite a lot of hot glue we were able to keep them on the back of the vest.

To decorate the bottles to look like fire extinguisher canisters I put several drops of inexpensive acrylic craft paint inside, swished them around and let them dry before applying the sticky H20 letters on the outside.

Reactions to our Paw Patrol Marshall Costume

My son was so proud of his costume that he helped to make that when we were trick or treating he would tell everyone how he made his costume with his mom and dad. I can’t tell you how many compliments we received that night (it was a lot) but we all certainly enjoyed making this costume together, something I hope we can continue to do in the years to come.

Cute DIY Paw Patrol Marshall Costume

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