Cute and Original Mermaid Man Costume from SpongeBob

First I found an orange tight sleeve tshirt from American Apparel, and green tights also from American Apparel. The red Uggs I’ve had for a while but any red shoes would do. This purple/pink belt was from Forever 21 and I just cut out the yellow M with construction paper. I had purple eye shadow and practiced a lot on putting a star on my face. The purple bracelet is from Victoria Secret, and Target spandex. This costume was completely DIY and easy! I had a lot of fun doing it, and my best friend was Barnacle Boy.

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  1. My name is Nicole brahin. This is a picture off of my Facebook from my junior year of highschool. I don’t know how you got this but you certainly aren’t me. Cat fishing is not cool. Email me please


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