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Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Couple Halloween Costume

So, my boyfriend and I had been racking our brains for what to be this Halloween when two aging superheroes came to mind–Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. We of course wanted to make our costumes and I jumped right into it–running to Target after work, Michaels on the weekend, Goodwill on my breaks, etc. Generally speaking, parts were easy to find, long sleeve shirts and tights at Target, a sailor hat and face paint at the Halloween store and excess fabric from Joann’s for Barnacle Boy’s ascot. Then came the seashell bra and blue finned boots–slightly more complicated. Luckily we live in San Diego so we (after quite a few shops) found the perfect seashells which were quickly and easily painted lilac. The boots took a little more creativity and involved my sitting on the floor of our living room with my boots on and wrapping them first in plastic (to avoid sticky destroyed boots later) then in blue duct tape and finally taping cardboard fins on the front. The night of Halloween, we got our outfits on, me shimmying into tightly taped boots and him standing still while I hot glued and safety pinned on a wildly attractive seashell bra and a large (spray painted) yellow M to the basic fabric belt I had sewn.

SO, after all is said and done and we’re giggling like school-girls because we’re so impressed with ourselves, we walk into our friend’s party and….

no one knew who we were  : I    I had a black painted eye mask and more clothing than all the girls there by far and he had pink slippers, tights, a seashell bra and a purple star painted on his face. The best we got was, “Well, at least you committed!”

Although no one got it, we’re still convinced we crushed it and it made us realize what an awesome relationship we have :)

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Couple Halloween Costume

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