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Crerate Halloween Costume Idea: Super Fly… Swatter!

I make my kids costumes every year, but never mine. I finally did.  I like to make costumes that people aren’t use to seeing.  It makes it more fun!!

I made a fly swatter. I bought everything at Michael’s. Green duct tape, black pipe cleaners, silver pipe cleaners, black felt, red glitter, n green plastic canvas.

I hand sewed 4 plastic canvases together. Then I cut the into a fly Swatter shape. I cut 2 frames out of poster board and taped them together with the green tape. I hot glued the frame to the canvas. I twisted a bunch of silver pipe cleaners together to make a handle. I made a fly body n cut hole in it for my eyes, so I could see. I tied some elastic to the back, so it would hold secure to my face.

It was fun! Everyone got a kick out of it! While trick or treating with the kids, I was constantly offered candy too!

Crerate Halloween Costume Idea: Super Fly... Swatter!

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